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Gibraltar vs Cortado

Gibraltar vs. Cortado: What Is the Difference?

Let me guess: you are currently glaring at a coffee shop menu and wondering, “What in the world is a Gibraltar?” A barista may have said it is a coffee drink similar to a cortado. However, it’s still probably hard to picture what they were referring to. After all, the names sound insanely different! So, let’s find out if there is any difference between Gibraltar vs. cortado. What is Gibraltar coffee? A Gibraltar is an espresso-based beverage with a double …

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are coffee beans legumes

Are Coffee Beans Legumes?

Once you start getting passionate about coffee, you may wonder what a coffee bean really is. Or maybe you are on a diet that tells you to restrict legumes for health reasons. So, are your beloved coffee beans legumes? The short answer is no. They are not even beans! However, the long answer will leave you much more informed about where your coffee comes from. How does coffee grow? It shouldn’t be surprising that coffee is one of the largest …

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Cortado vs latte comparison

Cortado vs. Latte: Are They the Same?

Have you ever wondered what that “cortado” you keep seeing on coffee shop menus actually is? Well, it’s a coffee drink made from espresso and steamed milk. But isn’t that just a latte, you ask. That’s a great question! And there’s no shame in asking it — the cortado isn’t a very well-known drink. Read on and learn all about the subtle differences between cortado and latte! What is a cortado? The cortado is a relatively obscure espresso drink from …

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do coffee grounds go bad

Do Coffee Grounds Go Bad? Tips to Enjoy Fresh Coffee Every Day

Perhaps you’re trying to get ready for your day, but you don’t have any coffee in the house — except for an old, old bag of coffee grounds in the back of your pantry. You wouldn’t want to make yourself sick, but you really want that cup of coffee. Do coffee grounds go bad? Shall you take a risk and go for it anyway? How long does coffee stay fresh? You might be wondering, “Does coffee expire?” The first thing …

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flat white vs latte

Flat White vs. Latte: What Is the Difference?

If you are not a seasoned coffee drinker, the menu at a coffee shop can be intimidating. When you don’t know those coffee drinks, you might be tempted to order black coffee without embarrassing yourself in front of the barista. For example, you might be wondering what the difference is between flat white vs. latte. However, baristas usually appreciate the opportunity to share their knowledge and help you learn to appreciate coffee. Lattes and flat whites are two typical attractions …

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used chemex filter

Are Chemex Filters Compostable?

Perhaps you’ve just enjoyed a delicious Chemex coffee cup and are now wondering the best way to dispose of the paper filter. Are Chemex filters compostable? Or is there any other way to reuse the thick paper filter? Can you reuse Chemex filters? The Chemex white and brown filters are uniquely designed with North American laboratory-grade bonded paper almost 30% thicker than Hario V60 or other pour-over or drip coffee filters. Unfortunately, they are also more expensive, so you might …

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coffee pairings with food

Coffee Pairings With Food: 38 Combinations You Should Try

Coffee pairings with food can sound intimidating if you aren’t used to analyzing the flavors in your mouth. However, if you are into pairing wine and food, you might have given a little bit of thought to how flavors combine and complement each other. When it comes to flavors and aromas, coffee and wine are more similar than you may think. In fact, in terms of chemical compounds, these are the two most complex drinks out there. Just like wine, …

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