19 Awesome Coffee Gifts For Teachers In 2024

Teaching is a meaningful and rewarding job — but it can be tiring. That must be why so many teachers cherish a good cup of coffee.

If you want to show gratitude and appreciation to a coffee-loving teacher, a coffee-related gift is always a great choice. These coffee gifts for teachers will make a fantastic way to remember your favorite teacher on their birthday, Christmas, or Teacher Appreciation Week.

Coffee gift basket

Coffee Gift Basket - Coffee Gifts Set Includes Double Insulated Coffee Cup and Full Pot Ground Coffee Sampler Gift Set of 5 Special Blend Coffees Presented in Beautiful Gift Bag

A teacher’s job can get repetitive, like when grading exams. A coffee gift basket introduces some variety to a teacher’s workday.

Thanks to the multiple types of coffee in the basket, your favorite teacher can try different flavors on different days. The variety will also let them spice up their coworker’s day by sharing wonderful coffee surprises in the teachers’ lounge.

Even if they get sucked into work for a while, the insulated coffee mug will keep their drink warm until they remember it’s there.

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Smart coffee warmer

Smart Coffee Warmer, BESTINNKITS Auto On/Off Gravity-Induction Mug Warmer for Office Desk Use, Candle Wax Cup Warmer Heating Plate (Up to 131F/55C) (Pink)

Does your teacher friend complain that their cup of coffee — or tea or hot chocolate — always gets cold before they can finish it? Then this smart coffee warmer will surely be a thoughtful gift that can save the day.

This compact little warmer is right at home at the desk of any coffee lover, whether in the classroom, staff room, or home. The handy, weight-based auto-shutoff function keeps it safe in a school environment, even around young students.

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Coffee-scented candle

96NORTH Luxury Coffee Soy Candle | Large 3 Wick Jar Candle | Up to 50 Hours Burning Time | 100% Natural Soy Wax | Relaxing Aromatherapy Aesthetic Candle | Housewarming Gift for Men and Women

Many caffeine addicts love coffee gifts that let them savor the aroma of their favorite brew, even if they are not necessarily up for another cup. This coffee-scented candle is ideal for those moments.

The candle will bring the intoxicating coffee shop scent to your beloved teacher’s home. They will love the delicious aroma of freshly roasted espresso beans after a long day at work.

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“Best teacher ever” gift set

Swgglo Teacher Appreciation Gift - Teacher Gifts Includes Pink Marble Mug,Notebook,Pencil Case,Key Chain,Scented Candle,Flower and Greeting Card

Sadly, many teachers don’t get the recognition they deserve for their valuable work. With this beautiful “Best teacher ever” gift set, you will make that special teacher feel appreciated.

This gift box is packed with goodies to show how much you or your child cares for the special teacher. With a fun coffee mug, a pencil case, notebooks, and more, it’s one of the best gifts you could give a teacher on Valentine’s Day or Teacher Appreciation Week.

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Coffee-themed bookmark

Bookmarks for Women Men Book Lovers Gifts Christmas Stocking Stuffers for Kids Teen Boys Girls Coffee Lover Gifts for Her Him Bookmarks for Best Friends Students Coworkers Bookworm Reader Gifts

Although schools are getting increasingly high-tech, there’s still a place for a good old textbook. This fun coffee bookmark will help any coffee lover remember exactly how far they got during the last class.

But teachers have a life outside the classroom too. If you know a teacher who treats coffee and novels equally, a coffee-themed bookmark makes for a wonderful Christmas stocking stuffer.

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Teacher life insulated tumbler

64HYDRO 20oz Teacher Gifts for Women, Teacher Appreciation Gifts, Gifts for Teacher, Valentines Day Gifts for Her, Teacher Life Teacher Facts Tumbler Cup, Insulated Travel Coffee Mug with Lid

Teaching and coffee have something in common — they are both lifestyles. This fun coffee mug will allow your favorite teacher to combine her passion for coffee and #teacherlife.

The triple insulation on the mug will keep the teacher smiling with joy long after opening her present. She’ll delight knowing she can grab her latte or flat white before or after class, and it’ll still be piping hot.

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Coffee lover’s jigsaw puzzle

Ridley's Coffee Lover’s 500-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle – Coffee Puzzle with Informational Image, Sturdy Storage Tube Included – Activity Puzzle – Makes a Great Gift

Jigsaw puzzles are great gift ideas for teachers who like to relax by doing something with their hands. Putting the pieces in place lets them take their minds off schoolwork with something simple.

Buy this coffee jigsaw and provide a puzzle- and coffee-loving teacher with hours of fun. And once they’re done, they can frame the jigsaw and hang it on a wall as a coffee-themed poster.

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Teacher gift set with card

Teacher Gifts Thank You Gifts Basket for Women Teacher Appreciation Gifts Sets from Student Best Teacher Gifts Big Heart Pink Coffee Mug Graduation Gifts Cups Keychain Candle Gifts for Teachers Women

Cards are a great way to let people know you care during holidays. But in addition to a card, this gift set includes many other things to delight an important teacher who loves coffee.

Your teacher will find a cup, a scented candle, and a keychain in the box. This coffee gift set will delight any teacher from kindergarten to high school.

Let your kids bring the box to their favorite teacher on a special day to put an even bigger smile on their face. After you sign it, you could slip a coffee shop gift card into the package.

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Iced coffee sleeve

GoCuff Iced Coffee Sleeves Reusable Neoprene Insulator With Handle for Iced Coffee Cups, Cold Beverage Coozies Compatible For Soda, Latte, And Other Coffee Cups – Solid Black (Large 32oz)

There’s nothing to ruin an already difficult day at school than realizing your iced coffee is lukewarm and watered down. Save a beloved teacher from coffee-related heartbreak with a stretchy, insulated coffee sleeve.

This handy sleeve will fit any coffee mug, no matter how big or small your teacher likes her caffeine fix. The cute, motivational quotes on the sleeve can also give extra inspiration on a challenging day.

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Specialty coffee gift box

COFFEE++ - Specialty Ground Coffee – 100% Arabica, Medium Roast, 84 SCA Grade, Cup of Excellence Grade 89+ - Gifts for Mom & Dad Box, Gift Set – Pack of 4, Variety – 4 x 8.8 oz

If you love coffee, what’s the most obvious gift you’d want? More coffee, of course!

Specialty coffees are some of the best gift ideas for coffee lovers, including teachers. This gift box is filled with exciting coffees from different origins.

Let your teacher compare the variety of flavors and aromas with friends or other teachers in the school break room. They might even find their new favorite coffee in the box.

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Super teacher mug

Love Mug: Valentine Mug For Teacher, Valentines Day Gift For Teacher, Gifts for Teacher, Teacher Gifts for Women, Funny Teacher Gifts, Novelty Gift Coffee Mug

Being a great teacher is pretty much a superpower. This cute coffee mug will remind your loved one or your child’s teacher of what a superhero they are.

The well-sized mug holds plenty of coffee to keep a teacher going through a hectic class. It’s a fantastic gift idea — particularly for someone who loves both coffee and superhero comics! You could also throw in some other gifts related to their favorite media franchise, whether they geek out over Marvel, DC, or indie superheroes.

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Vintage coffee junk journal

Vintage Coffee Junk Journal Pages & Ephemera: 22 Page Antique Espresso Theme Kit For Scrapbooking And Collage

Gifts that let us remember the good times in our lives are often some of the best. This coffee-themed junk journal is a fantastic place for your dear teacher to record the memories she makes with the kids in her class.

Any teacher will love filling this book with notes, quotes, greetings, stickers, and anything else that shows her students really love her. She can then later break into a happy smile while browsing through the journal and reminiscing on the exciting school year gone by.

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Teacher appreciation gift set

Oyiyou Teacher Gifts - Teacher Appreciation Gifts - Gifts for Teachers Includes Pink Marble Mug , Scarf, Scented Candle and Flower

Sometimes the best gifts are collections of little things. This teacher appreciation gift set has plenty of stuff to delight your special teacher, including a pretty coffee cup with a teacher quote, a coaster, and an ornate coffee spoon.

These coffee accessories let her brew and enjoy a delicious cup while the coaster keeps her desk spill-free.

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Science teacher key chain

POTIY Science Teacher Gift Biology Gift Fueled By Mitochondria And Coffee Science key chain Gifts for Scientists (Mitochondria)

If you think it’s difficult to find gifts for teachers, focus on the subject they teach. This keychain is a great, relevant gift for a biology or science teacher that enjoys a good cup of Joe.

It will allow your teacher to proclaim loud and proud — yes, I love coffee, AND I teach science! It can also make for a fun conversation piece. 

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Coffee cup notepad

Lady Jayne Teacher Coffee Cup Notepad with Pen (11896)

Most people remember important things better if they are written down. This notepad, shaped and sized like a real takeaway coffee cup, is right at home at any coffee-loving teacher’s desk.

These quirky notes are perfect for making personal memos or sending a message to a student’s parents. It’s a great gift for a teacher who unabashedly leans into her reputation as a serious caffeine addict.

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Canvas tote bag

HAPPINESS IS A CUP OF COFFEE & A GOOD BOOK - Canvas Tote Bag Ideal Book Gift! Readers Gift for your favorite bookworm man or woman. Fun literary gifts for friends that love book related quotes!

You need a lot of textbooks at school, and most teachers love a good book outside of their jobs. Carrying those books can be a hassle — but not if you get your dearest teacher this tote bag.

It will hold plenty of textbooks and novels, and the fun print testifies to your teacher’s penchant for books and coffee. Any book-loving teacher will be delighted to receive this practical and cute gift.

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Engraved coffee spoon

family Kitchen Stainless Steel Engraved Espresso Spoon - But First Coffee Funny Gift for Friends or Girlfriend Coffee Lover

When drinking or brewing coffee, you’ll probably need a spoon. Unfortunately, many schools stock their teachers’ lounges with single-use coffee cups and plastic spoons that produce a lot of waste.

This stainless steel coffee spoon with a funny engraving lets an environmentally-conscious teacher cut back on unnecessary waste. Combine it with a stylish mug for a wonderful coffee gift for any teacher.

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Tumbler gift box

KEDRIAN Best Teacher Ever Gift Box, Gifts For Teachers, Teacher Gifts From Student, Teacher Appreciation Gifts, Best Teacher Gifts For Women, Best Teacher Ever Insulated Mug, Perfect Teacher Mug

Many teachers who love coffee enjoy both hot and cold brews. If you are struggling with gift ideas that work for all kinds of coffee, here’s just the thing for you.

This pretty tumbler is perfect for a busy teacher to grab in the morning. It will keep any coffee drink at the ideal temperature for a long time, whether a hot or cold latte or a cold brew. It also comes with other useful gifts, like a straw and a brush.

But the greatest thing is that it lets the recipient know she is the best teacher EVER!

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Coffee lover’s notebook

First I Drink the Coffee Then I Do the Things: Notebook | Diary | Composition | 6x9 | 120 Pages | Cream Paper | Coffee Lovers Journal

If there’s one thing a teacher does every day, it’s taking notes. They will have to remember why one child was absent today, to get more paper for the printer, to look up an answer to a question her favorite student asked…

This coffee lover’s notebook is a real blessing during a hectic day. It will fit plenty of notes while demonstrating how much your favorite teacher loves coffee. And, of course, you can combine it with other coffee gift ideas to build the ultimate present for a wonderful teacher.

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While a coffee shop gift card might seem an obvious choice, there are many more ways to brighten the day of your favorite caffeine-powered teacher. These coffee gifts for teachers are guaranteed to put a smile on their face no matter the occasion. So, don’t needlessly prolong your search when looking for the best coffee gifts for teachers.

Still not convinced you’ve found the right gift? Check out my favorite gifts for iced coffee lovers or gifts under $20!

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